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Studiomaster Digilive 16
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Introducing the Studiomaster digiLivE16 mixer – 16 inputs, motorised faders, large touch screen, USB ports – everything you need for perfect live mixing. Digilive is the result of many years of R&D combining Studiomaster’s experience in signal processing with the latest technologies to give you total control over your sound.Although ultra compact, digiLivE16 uses the full potential of our digital mixer expertise without compromising any features. All settings can be recalled including, most importantly, the faders – unique in this class of mixer. Full control is also available remotely via Wi-Fi so you are free to mix anywhere in the venue.Main Features- input and output channel metering is clear with the high definition screen- both input and output levels clearly displayed- pre and post fader metering- built-in media player and recorder or use your favorite Android App- playback from either USB, Bluetooth (external module) or internal source record from any smart output

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